How to Get Started

Need a new website? The process is easy!

how to get started

Thinking of starting a blog or creating a website for your small business? Not a problem! Here’s how the basic process works:


1. We listen.

First we start off by having a conversation (via email, phone or in-person) as to what you’re looking for in a website. Many times, you may not know exactly what you want and need, and it’s hard to describe. Relax. That’s completely normal.
What we suggest is try doing some homework to brainstorm:

– Think about your business as a whole, your company’s culture, and your customer demographic. You’re creating a website to reach out to your clientele, so what type of information or features would your clientele want when they visit your site? What type of information would you want to provide to your clientele?

– Check out your competition online, or just any other website out there. Make a list of other websites that appeal to you. What is it about these sites that is appealing? The colours? The layout? The shopping cart? Do you like specific pages on their site? Do you like where the menus are located?

– What other websites do you not like? What is it about these sites that you don’t care for?

– Once you have a website completed, how would you like it maintained? Are you more comfortable updating basic content yourself, or would you like us to do it all for you?

Whether you’re able to answer the above questions easily or not, it’s not a problem. We’ll guide you every step of the way, and do our best to understand your vision, business and online goals.


we build your website2. We design a few layouts.

After our initial chat(s), we take your likes, dislikes and ideas back to our geek caves and start designing a few layouts for your new site.  The designs are emailed to you and you let us know what’s a thumbs up and what should be changed. We usually go back and forth like this no more than a few times together to narrow down the most suitable layout. Oh and somewhere in this process we ask you to kindly sign a simple contract and put down a small deposit to just make it official. 😉


3. We build your website.

Once you’ve approved the look of  your website, we convert the design into code to create the basic template. Sometimes we code the entire site from scratch, and other times we customize a WordPress template to create your site. It all depends on what features you desire and what functionality you’re looking for.

When the template is done, we fill your site with all the content and images you provide. Be sure to gather this information as early as possible. (You wouldn’t want your website launch date postponed simply because a colleague took 2 months to send you content for their staff bio.) If you need assistance finding suitable images for your site, we can help you find generic stock images, or physically go to your workplace to take photos if needed.


new website4. We launch your new website.

During the web development process, sneak peaks  and approvals are done with you just to ensure that we are both on the right track. Once the final approval is made by you, we launch the site and it goes live. [applause!]


5. We help you maintain your website going forward.

After your website is complete, there are basic housekeeping items that you will need to take care of going forward.

If you’re more comfortable having us do any content changes, we’ll gladly take care of that for you. The best part about that option is that we do all the work and we only charge when a timely request is made. If a change only takes a few minutes to do, it’s free!

If you’d like to make basic content changes yourself, that’s not a problem! Once your site is complete, we will teach you how to use a very user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to do just that. Don’t be intimidated by this option. If you know how to use a generic word processing software like Microsoft Word, then you’ll know how to update your own website.