Web Developer MIA

Already have a website, but your current web developer is no where to be found?

web developer MIA

Do you already have a website, but your current web developer is nowhere to be found? Do you need to make content changes to your site, and have no idea how to update it? We’ve seen it happen many times, which is why we offer a special website transfer and maintenance package designed just for this situation. KeenerStyle to the rescue!  [too cheesy?] :)


How our Website Transfer and Maintenance Package works:


1. We help you figure out which maintenance option suits you best.

First we need to understand what type of website maintenance services you’re looking for.

If you’re more comfortable having us do any content changes, we’ll gladly take care of that for you. The best part about that option is that we do all the work and we only charge when a timely request is made. If a change only takes a few minutes to do, it’s free!

If you’d like to make basic content changes yourself, that’s not a problem! Once your site is complete, we will teach you how to use a very user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to do just that. Don’t be intimidated by this option. If you know how to use a generic word processing software like Microsoft Word, then you’ll know how to update your own website.


2. We help you access your website.

This step can be tricky because it depends on how much information your former web developer gave you. Usually your web developer will give you login access to the back end of your website after they’ve created it. This information usually comes in the form of a username and password. Once you provide this information, we can help you access your website content and update it. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it all step by step to help figure out a solution.